Angles Dining Chair

This original SENTIENT dining chair is a manifestation of decades of chair design and fabrication. It should be seen as a designer’s design. Visually it’s easy to understand the reassuring strength and tasteful aesthetic form. Look more closely and you will notice many different angles and planes in the legs, back support and even the seat. The spacing between the boards give it a light and youthful feel while the use of wood adds a nice touch of timelessness. 


Product Specifications

The SENTIENT Angles chair is available in a variety of woods and also other materials.

  • Designer: Nersi Nasseri

  • Material: Solid wood, variety of species

  • Made-to-order

  • Ships Internationally


Pricing & Inquiries


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Phone Inquiries: 
1 (888) 236.8862

Studio & Workshop, Brooklyn

Metropolitan Design Center (MDC)
Building 9 Floor 5
276 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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