At SENTIENT, our designers and fabricators have a vast experience working with the commercial and hospitality industry. 

Our manufacturing versatility and the fact that our facilities are located in New York combined with our enthusiasm for original design has put us in the position to work with many high end retail, hospitality and air travel brands. The SENTIENT craftspeople have fabricated the designs of many renowned architectural and design firms as well. In addition to fabrication, we regularly provide technical and other advice to assist with these projects.

We are capable of working directly from shop drawings, or work with designers notes—assisting and suggesting to create the desired style and aesthetic.  Our workshops have fabricated furniture and installations for many luxury brands including Movado, British Airways, Cartier, Donna Karan, Viacom, Marriott, Hyatt as well as signature design firms including Ian Schrager, Rockwell and Gensler Architects